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All of the part-time staff at Glacial Peak Cryotherapy of Fargo, North Dakota are physical therapy or exercise science students, have a background in the medical field, or a passion for wellness!

They know that every person that walks into Glacial Peak Cryotherapy is unique and deserves a personalized suggestion of services based on their needs. Each one of them is knowledgeable and proactive about health and strive to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

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Pam Bradow is the owner of Glacial Peak Cryotherapy in Fargo, North Dakota.

Pam Bradow


Glacial Peak Cryotherapy is locally owned and operated by Pam Bradow, a Fergus Falls, MN native. Pam originally tried Cryotherapy after she was injured in a car accident while living in Colorado Springs, CO. The effects of the accident left Pam so badly injured that she was unable to return to work as a Dental Hygienist. Pam was seeing a physical therapist, vision specialist and concussion specialist to help rehabilitate. Her massage therapist suggested that she try some Cryotherapy to reduce her general inflammation. After not getting the relief she sought, her quality of life was lacking, and she was ready to try just about anything…

AND THE REST IS HISTORY! After personally feeling the many positive effects that Cryotherapy can have both physically and mentally, progress was made in her therapies. Pam was wanting to make the move back to the Midwest to continue working as a Dental Hygienist but that plan changed. She opened her own business. Hence, Glacial Peak was created.


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