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I am so happy to have discovered Glacial Peak Cryotherapy! I have struggled with mild acne almost all of 2016 so I gave this a try and I'm so glad I did! My skin showed great improvement slowly but surely throughout the weeks of facials. The blemishes were less, my skin was less oily and the overall texture of my skin was smoother. I looked forward to each session. It was such a cool, calming treatment. During and after the treatment you can feel all the inflammation greatly lessen or disappear. Not to mention you get to be in the great company of Pam and her lovely staff. I'm a believer and I look forward to doing more with Glacial Peak.


Patrick M.

Just had the full experience at Glacial Peak Cryotherapy! Pam and her staff were fantastic. Very informative, make you feel completely comfortable and take great care of you. Highly recommend!



Carol A.

Professional, caring staff!

Results! sleeping well, anti-inflammatory, weight loss, ... decreases swelling with the Normatec, as well!


Kendra D.

I weight train and do cardio 5 times a week so I often feel sore and my muscles feel tense and I have hip and shoulder joint issues so I thought I'd give this a try. I've done one session (like 2 hours ago) but I can already tell that I'm less sore! I also did the facial which has my skin feeling taut and rejuvenated. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and a calm atmosphere. Can't wait to go back!


Craig H.

I'm a runner and deal with a lot of aches and pains. I recently used the compression therapy after a "long run" of eight miles to help with a nagging ankle injury; I had virtually no pain in my ankle the following day, which was a first for me in months! I also used the cryotherapy treatment recently before another long run, and my typical soreness the day after was nonexistent; in fact, I was able to hit the pavement for another run the following day. Everyone at Glacial Peak is very professional and helpful, and the atmosphere is pleasant and comforting. I highly recommend!


Kayla S.

Pam and her team at Glacial Peak are incredible! When you walk in the door, you immediately feel relaxed, at home even. Pam is wonderful to visit with, great at walking you through the process of Cryotherapy, full of great information, as well as has an incredible sense of humor and patience! I would return just to get another chance to visit with Pam, and the positive effects of the Cryo Sauna are simply the cherry on top. 

The Normatec area is perfect as you relax and recover a bit from whatever aches you have. The facial Cryo is also relaxing, and you feel rejuvenated after a little R & R/Self Care. 

I cannot recommend Glacial Peak Cryotherapy enough, not only for athletes of all sorts, but the general public!


Bridget E.

I don't normally volunteer myself to be a human popsicle but I'm not giving up on fixing my back issues. It's cold...but fantastic! Pam is great! She talks to you the whole time and before you realize it you're done. My sleep has improved and I'm starting to feel improvement in my back after 3 sessions. Thanks Glacial Peak Cryotherapy!


Becki W.

Absolutely phenomenal! You’re treated like 1st class from the moment you walk in, thru your service and your time after. The staff are all friendly & knowledgeable. You’ll be awakened & renewed with the treatments you choose. I can’t say enough good things about Pam, her facility & the results felt & seen. Our area is blessed to have such services being offered.


Kate P.

Before I came to Glacial Peak Cryotherapy, I was miserable. I had terrible leg and chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I wasn’t sleeping well, anxious, and a little depressed. I probably had some “brain fog” as well and struggled daily.

I live nearby so every day I would see the sign for Glacial Peak and one day I just drove in the parking lot and walked through the door. My life changed....

I was greeted warmly with a friendly, “Hi, let me explain what happens here”! I was shown the NormaTec area, the CryoFacial area and the local Cryo treatment area. All clean, beautifully decorated and non threatening. Then I turned around and saw THE CRYOSAUNA IN USE along with the dressing rooms....GULP!

Beads of sweat started appearing on my face. The client in the CryoSauna looked cold and NAKED (I really couldn’t see anything)! A fog circled the cryo sauna and it looked like something from outer space. But I tried WAS cold but a “dry cold”. It didn’t have that -20 below wind child we are used to in North Dakota so it really wasn’t THAT bad.

I KID you not....I felt pretty good afterwards. I felt refreshed, and I slept AMAZINGLY that night. So, I went back...and I noticed my leg pain was diminished. I went back again because I wasn’t hurting as much as I used to. Each day I went back and I could tell my body was healing. I still continue to go back to Glacial Peak occasionally to revitalize or get a “tune up” but I no longer need to go daily.

The team at Glacial Peak are all amazing, friendly, knowledgeable, and when I don’t go in for awhile I miss them! Cryotherapy worked for me and if you are asking yourself if it might work for you, I fully recommend trying Cryotherapy. It works for fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression. But mainly, IT WORKED FOR ME! My Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis can’t be cured, but Cryotherapy gives me a way to fight them!


Tiffany C.

For years I have struggled with chronic migraines. I have been to neurologists, allergists, and multiple other specialists looking for some relief. When I heard about Cryotherapy I was on the 7th week straight of having a migraine every single day. I came in and immediately had a glimpse of hope, after only one Cryosauna session and one facial I was already feeling the relief I was seeking. Since then I have been able to stop migraines in their path and find great relief through Cryotherapy. I would recommend this to any one suffering from chronic pain who are also seeking alternatives to medication.


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